Glass Empire

Far from the hustle and bustle,
although quite close to the city
and surrounded by nature!

We are proud to announce that our new headquarter has been completed. The new building is showing off the great, modern look having an area of ​​about 500 m², with an exciting interior and modern show-room. The high standard ensures a great comfort of work and service at a high level.

The Birch Groove

A beautiful office with a name

Birds twitter, wild and green neighborhood to the building, and of course beautiful, white birches. Close to the nature, within peaceful and quiet environment. Isn't it great? And even more ... with well-developed communication of A4 highroad runs nearby makes this place even more exciting to work.

Beauty in glass ...

We inspire, make you interested and giving good advise ... yes, we really do. We go much further than a standard glazier or rather glass factory. Our ambitions are to reach the leading design company with great support in glass interior solutions - therefore we brought the idea of ​​a well-equipped show-room with an architect zone. We know this because of our almost 25 years experience: fixed exhibitions of shower cubicals, mirrors, glass banisters, sliding doors and splashbakcs are our answer to your needs.

Glass inspirations

The show-room of your dreams

From the customer's point of view, the strategic place of the company should be of course the product room, which means an excellent show-room: large, full of interesting and different solutions. Why? Because there are our own ideas, proprietary think tanks. We believe that you - as a customer - will find those ideas useful, while architect discovers necessary inspirations when drawing the project. This is a kind of business card showing the company's high standards and verifying its quality. It's like with a good wine: how much worse would it taste, if it weren't drunk from a beautiful glass, wouldn't it? Because all good things deserve to be served as they should.

The architect's zone

We have also installed a dedicated place for architects. Part of our show-room has been equipped with necessary arrangements, where each architect can take full advantage of nicely prepared tools: desk, large TV screen and internet connection. Everything what architect originally shows to the customer on tv screen, can be easily matched to the show-room's products.

Good access to our beautiful place

Despite of its outside location to the city (which might have an advantage) the place is conveniently situated: the distance from the center of Kraków is not long (about 5 miles). There are already several companies established in neighborhood, and on the other side of the highway there is a huge logistics center. The place is already very well connected thanks to the two interchanges: Bieżanowski on the west and Podłęże - just 2,5 miles away from the east side. Both junctions give the opportunity to enter the A4 highroad east and west. The north direction towards Kielce and Warsaw (S7) will be opened within two years.


Tea or coffee?

We are at your disposal. We will proudly present to you our showroom, and treat you with good tea or coffee. In such conditions we can advise you much better. We believe that our experience and custom ideas will help you realize your dreams of beautiful interiors.

Write to us: or call us: +48 12 656 25 34. However, it's definitely best just to come.

We warmly welcome you!


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