Walk-in shower cubical


The choice of a glass shower cubical for the bathroom is not always so easy. There are plenty of models, colours and types of glass

While choosing the cubical, you should basically consider overall look of your bathroom as well as its size. If your bathroom is not too big, it’s worth to consider installing a walk-in cubical. It consists of two or three big glass panels without door. Such a cubical looks more aesthetical than the usual one and it can take smaller space what enables to use the bathroom space in another way. Moreover, it’s easier to clean the walk-in cubical than traditional cubical, because we have one panel less and we don’t have to clean handles. The walk-in shower cubical is a combination of simplicity and functionality along with very modern design. The only disadvantage of installing this type of cubical is the fact that it gives less sense of privacy. Moreover, before taking a shower it is necessary to warm your bathroom up, because in such a cubical it is a little colder than in average, closed shower cubical.