When you choose a mirror for your bathroom…


Bathroom is a place where you have to take care of basic elements such as the appropriate arrangement.

If you want to arrange your bathroom in a modern way, you should choose the material which is forever modern-looking, such as glass. We usually decide to buy a glass shower screen, but there is another important element which besides being practical, may be a very effective decoration- a mirror.

The choice may be really difficult since there are a lot of shapes- from square, rectangular, oval round to more fancy models. Choice of the mirror depends mostly on the style applied in your bathroom. Toilet with elements from 60s or 70s should include more classical models of mirrors, but more modern style requires modern and compelling models which are created in an innovative way.

Size of that element is also very important. If we have a small bathroom, we can’t afford to place a big mirror inside it, because we don’t have enough space. However, if there is more space, we can buy a large mirror which will be placed in the half or ¾ of the wall and it will be a beautiful decoration of the room.