Balcony glass systems

Give your place an extra space for living. See, how to do it cheap
and modern!

More and more often we decide to build up our balcony or loggia with glass system to provide an extra space of our flat. You love gardens, but could hardly dream about it? Now, you can finally make your dreams come true. Balcony glass systems are the perfect solution to get garden inside the house, even though the size is not the ideal one. However, before you start, it is wise to get some knowledge first. Right below, we prepared some information we believe you find it very useful.

One balcony - two glass systems

There are two different systems to be used for our balcony glazing: traditional one with frames and the modern one called frameless. Which one is the most practical for loggia, and which is the best for balcony? What is most important while mounting the glass system? And last, but not least: what balcony glazing is to be used for?

We will be happy to assist you with most comprehensive advice, while you make your choice. Our service staff will provide you with all information and will demonstrate most appropriate glass system depending of your needs. Just give us a call (T: +48 12 656 25 34) or send us a message using our contact form and ask for an estimate!

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Frameless glass system

The most visible and very important part of framless system is no vertical frames to be used. Such glass-to-glass system makes your balcony more spacious and modern. With no doubt it is much more aesthetic and practical solution; panes of window glass move smoothly to the inside part of your balcony.

The advantage of frameless balcony glazing is the ability to move the glass panes in a curve, without any posts mounted. Our frameless glazing system can be used up to the 2,7 m of any balcony height, while the max. width of single glass unit is 0,7 m. Tempered glass with 6-10 mm thickness are the most common ones to be used.

Our frameless retractable glass keeps rain, snow, wind, dust and birds away from your balcony without reducing the amount of light that you receive. This protection means less time and money spent on maintenance and repairs. Our balcony enclosures reduce noise level up to 50%.

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Glass system with frames

This is the most popular, classic system using alu frame on each pane glass. Those frames are mounted to the alu track, which let them moving. Depend on how many glass frames are to be used, we deliver two-, three- or even four tracks system. We recommend to use single, tempered, laminated glass with 4-6 mm thickness, as well as single float with 4 mm.

We may also use glass panes with up to 16 mm thickness, if we built an extra adapting profile placed on the innner part of frame. Please note, that in this case only the insulating glass is to be used! Glazing systems with frames have one big advantage: through brush seals we get better sound isolation and reducing the amount of dust getting in on our balcony.

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