Removing scratches on glass

Scratched glass is not a problem anymore!

It’s a real breakthrough in glassmaking industry. Thanks to the latest technology, we can offer ervice of safe glass polishing without optical distortion. Our polishing machine removes scratches made as a result of improper cleaning of glass after decorating or constructional works. We remove scratches, graffiti or damp patches from all glass surfaces. We polish flat, bent and tempered glass. Give us a try!

Glass scratches- take a closer look

What’s going on with removing scratches from glass?

Scratch is the most common type of glass damage. How many times do they irritate us every day only because of the fact they exist. Nothing important, but it distracts us a lot. The sense of irritation is becoming bigger and bigger when there are more and more scratches. The relief is brought by our polishing machine: the latest technology which removes scratches forever. The important information is that repairing damaged glass is much cheaper than production of the new glass. Therefore, it’s no wonder that more and more clients are asking about this service.

How can glass scratches be formed?

The most common reason of forming scratches is unskillful cleaning and maintenance of glass as well as just our environment. We are not talking only about mindless damaging glass surface by man (e.g. graffiti), but also about constant mechanical interference we come across every day (dust, microscopic sand granules, accidental scratches or scrapes, damages from hitting glass with blunt tools, improper carrying, etc.). Therefore, it’s worth to pay maximal attention to glass by taking appropriate preventative actions in order to protect it. If you don’t manage after all, we are on your call.

Polishing glass- how does it work?

Polishing glass is only one phase while removing glass scratches and it’s a completely different action than in case of polishing surfaces made from different materials. Why? One of the most typical features of glass is its incredible durability. That’s why, glass repair is an activity which takes much time and requires technical knowledge as well as proper machines and cleaning agents. Removing scratches from glass is the entire process. Only shallow scratches are not so time-consuming. In such a case it’s enough to polish glass.

The process of removing deeper scratches consists of a few phases:

    1. grinding glass in order to reach the bottom of the scratch,

    2. polishing glass in order to get 100% clarity,

    3. proper finishing not to damage the glass lens,

    4. Chilling the processed area.

Attention! Don’t polish glass on your own. It really requires appropriate equipment and knowledge. Otherwise, it’s very easy to cause permanent (and irreparable) damage of glass.

Rysy na szkle i polerowanie

Do you want to know how much the repair of your glass is? Contact us.

We guarantee professional service, constant contact with client (if it’s necessary) and short realization time.

Important: if the assessment shows that repairing glass is more expensive than its replacement, we will inform you about that before we start working on your glass. This way you’ll be able to decide if your glass should be replaced or repaired.

In order to assess overall cost we need the following data:

  • dimensions (area) of glass surface, especially area of damaged surface;
  • type of glass and its application (e.g. tempered glass, car glass, window glass, glass kitchen top, etc.)
  • location of damaged glass;
  • type of damage and its depth;
  • Your phone number.

Do you have all above data? We invite you to PLACE AN ORDER

Polerowanie szkła