Walk-in wardrobes with swinging doors

Date: 17.08.2014 author: Joanna Grunwald

Walk-in wardrobe is more and more popular room in many houses. It’s very practical, because thanks to the fact you have one place to keep all your clothes, in your bedroom and other rooms there is more space which is usually taken by wardrobe.


What kind of door should we choose for our bathroom?

Date: 11.07.2014 author: Joanna Grunwald

Bathroom is a room where having as much privacy as possible is a very important aspect. Door is an element which provides us some space.


An idea how to make our office room more modern- glass desk

Date: 10.07.2014 author: Joanna Grunwald

The office room is useful in every house. It’s a place where you can put your computer, which is probably used in almost every house, you can also keep important documents or hang some shelves with books.


When you choose a mirror for your bathroom…

Date: 03.07.2014 author: Joanna Grunwald

Bathroom is a place where you have to take care of basic elements such as the appropriate arrangement.


What do you have to take into account while choosing glass door for your apartment?

Date: 02.07.2014 author: Joanna Grunwald

If you want to buy a door to your apartment, you have to consider a few crucial issues.


Walk-in shower cubical

Date: 01.07.2014 author: Joanna Grunwald

The choice of a glass shower cubical for the bathroom is not always so easy. There are plenty of models, colours and types of glass


An idea how to change the kitchen decor- glass paintings

Date: 01.07.2014 author: Joanna Grunwald

Glass in the kitchen always looks very spectacular. It makes that place more modern and spacious.


Advantages of installation glass sliding doors in a small apartment

Date: 03.06.2014 author: Joanna Grunwald

If we own a small apartment and we want to arrange the interior without using too much free space, we should carefully analyse how to arrange it, what kind of furniture we should buy and how to locate the particular pieces of furniture.

Glass bathroom wall panels for a small bathroom

Glass bathroom wall panels for a small bathroom

Date: 03.07.2014 author: Joanna Grunwald

The thing that glass in the bathroom looks really lovely is obvious. It provides elegant style, impression of splendour and makes the room more modern.

Date: 05.04.2017 author: Agnieszka Możejko Łazienka+