Glass services

We provide comprehensive wide of services within glass interior design.

As we work on meeting our clients’ expectations, we offer a range of unusual glass services, helping you to deal with all activities connected with broadly defined glass processing.

Services we supply:

We cut and process:

  • glass characterized by thickness of 2-19 mm, both in standard version and in OPTIWHITE version;
  • ornamental glass in all colours and patterns available on European market;
  • tinted glass, milk glass, sandblasted glass and chemically frosted glass;
  • mirrors characterized by thickness of 2-6 mm;
  • anti-theft, security glass.


  • create thermal insulation screens in all structures and with all defined thickness;
  • grind glass tops and shelves;
  • bore openings;
  • temper glass;
  • stick glass with UV adhesive;
  • produce aquariums and glass showcases;
  • frame mirrors using frames provided by clients;
  • sandblast glass;
  • provide graphics processing of patterns.

We mount:

  • panes in windows and wooden doors;
  • mirrors in bathrooms and other rooms;
  • glass partitions, balustrades and doors;
  • shower cubicals;
  • glass tops between kitchen cupboards.
Glass services Glass to size

We also fill orders which are not possible to perform by a glazier. If among mentioned services you haven’t found the one you are interested in, please contact us.