Industrial glass partitions

Loft style - the industrial past transformed into a fashionable avant-garde of interior finishing.

The origins of the loft style can be traced back to the 19th century, in the era of the so-called industrial revolution. It was then that factory halls and warehouses began to be built at an extraordinary speed. The age of steam and electricity produced thousands of such places, giving rise to a new form in interior style: simple, open, and with unfinished look. Today, such interiors are among the most fashionable on the real estate market.

How to arrange an interior in the loft style?

Loft interiors are primarily associated with a raw and cold climate. These are mainly open, large spaces. Those type of interiors are very popular today.


Industrialism in an apartment is easy to achieve just by its system. A large surface is often divided in a natural way, e.g. by brick walls, external installations or appropriate furniture arrangement, which will provide space, which is so important in the loft style.


Work spaces are ideal for loft-style design, mainly due to their open form. The so-called open space somehow simply requires a loft solution, to which you only need to add characteristic windows or glass structures with stick on bars or furniture with black fittings.

Typical American loft style

What is unique of loft interiors finishing?


A loft-style apartment should look like it has not been renovated or was quickly furnished usually in an old warehouse or factory. It should have exposed plaster. Bare, natural brick will also look great, just like concrete. That is why old warehouses or poorly maintained apartments are often converted into loft styles, where unfinished elements naturally fit into the industrial atmosphere.


All types of metal presence and rust effects on furniture and accessories will decorate this space and make it even more loft-like than ever. Black tones dominate, especially in combination with glass and wood.

Sliding doors in loft style

Glass in loft style

Industrial interiors match perfectly with glass partitions and decorative elements made of glass. None of any interior building material is such suitable for interior finishing like glass. Mainly, due to its practicality, which allows you to use glass actually in every place of the house.

Basic equipment

Today, glass doors or partitions are in everyday use of many apartments or offices. The glass surface gives the room beauty and prestige, while constantly developing technology enables its increasingly versatile use, e.g. doors in any color or glass partitions with patterns and various types of glass (matte, transparent, reinforced, etc.).

Decorative use

Glass is a great material for interior decoration. The range of possibilities is wide: from small vases or glass coasters to large prints on glass.

Hall entrance

This is the place between the entrance to the house and subsequent rooms. It is worth remembering that its presence is required by Polish construction law. More and more often, glass doors are installed in such vestibules, which, when opened, provide a wide passage, needed, for example, when bringing in furniture.

Loft style enthusiasts, however, went further and finished the entire vestibule with glass, thus obtaining a sense of space. Glass walls with black stick on bars and "heavy doors" installed in them are an increasingly common technique used in interior finishing. The result is stunning, especially where we are dealing with rooms of big heights.

Glass partitions and entrance in a loft style

Loft glass doors

We make such doors in various configurations. They can be single, mounted on hinges screwed to the ceiling or lintel and to the floor, they can have a door frame, in which case the hinges are screwed to the side of the frame. The door can be equipped with a lock with a handle, a knob or a latch.

Loft-style doors can also be installed with a fixed wall and/or an overhead transom.

Hinged glass doors

These types of doors are most often used between rooms, in corner showers and at the entrances to rooms, either at home or in the office.

Sliding glass doors

Sliding doors, on the other hand, are used wherever we want to save some space. Loft sliding doors are often installed across the entire height of the room, from floor to ceiling.

Loft doors to the bedroom

These can be both hinged and sliding glass doors. Tailor-made, they can be adapted to any room. Their industrial style will create an elegant interior.

Where to use?

Loft sliding bedroom doors are perfect for small apartments, e.g. studios. They separate the sleeping area and also have a decorative function.

Sliding doors on rollers in a loft style

Separate kitchen or dining room

Sliding glass loft doors will be of great use here, as they will separate the different functions of the entire room. The bedroom can be open during the day, and at night we close the door and have a separate room.

Home office

We make these doors in various configurations. They can be single or double, mounted on hinges screwed to the ceiling or lintel and to the floor, they can have a door frame, in which case the hinges are screwed to the side of the frame. The door can be equipped with a lock with a handle, a knob or a latch.

Single loft doors

If you are limited by space or want the doors to be a subtle addition to your office, we offer single doors with a hidden sliding system.

Double loft doors

Do you want to divide one room into two parts in an original way? Double glass doors are perfect for this purpose. Black frames and stick on bars will be a great decorative addition.


We can also install glass loft doors in the bathroom. In a private bathroom, the glass can be transparent, and if we need exceptional privacy, we will install frosted glass. It is worth remembering that glass, thanks to its transparency, gives a sense of space and esthetics. If we don't have a window in the bathroom, glass will let more light into it. In a loft version, such doors will also be an interesting design solution.

Hinged doors in loft style

Loft-style shower cubicals

An essential piece of bathroom equipment is, of course, a shower. It can definitely be a tailored-made shower cubical that will have an industrial look. It can have various designs - only doors, or doors with a fixed wall; it may be a corner enclosure, sliding doors or folding doors. The important thing is that we can easily match the loft style of the shower cubical to the rest of the bathroom, furniture and other loft elements.

Tailored-made cubicals

All structures, including industrial ones, are tailored-made. So you don't have to worry that you have unusual dimensions in the bathroom, slants or crooked walls. Everything is measured in great details, and there is room for loft design everywhere. Thanks to this, you can always be sure that you will get a truly loft character of your bathroom. It is worth adding loft decorative elements, e.g. a black cabinet or a stool with black frames.

Glass loft partitions

It has been a very fashionable trend in interior design and finishing for some time, so it is no wonder that it is widely used in both apartments and offices. In the hous where the top floor has height restrictions (e.g. slopes and bends), glass loft partitions can also be used.

Smart separation

Despite the unusual dimensions of the attic, glass loft partitions can very nicely separate the living area from, for example, a dressing room. The hinged doors have black fittings and a characteristic black stick on bars.


Our loft-style glass partitions are mounted in black anodized aluminum profiles and have black stick on bars, and loft-hinged doors are mounted with black hinges. Each partition is individually designed and has its own outlook.

Loft-style bathroom
Loft glass partitions in wardrobe with hinged doors

What kind of glass do we use?

We always use tempered glass in our business. It is usually 8 or 10 mm thick. It can be available in a transparent or frosted version.

Safety first

Tempered glass - when broken - falls into small pieces that do not hurt anyone. We can also use double-safe glass: two tempered glass panes will be connected with foil. If broken, the glass will remain in one piece, stuck to the foil.

What accessories do we use?

First of all, those that have valid certificates. As a solid, serious company with over twenty-five years of experience in the glass industry, we cooperate only with reputable suppliers.

Solid and safe

This is how we want to recognized in the customer's mind. No matter of whether these are aluminum profiles and stick on bars, anodized or powder-coated in black (or another color), or hinges and fittings, they must always be certified products from recognized accessories suppliers in Poland.

Loft glass partitions with hinged doors

Our services for loft doors

We are proff specialists in loft glass partitions, as we have been installing them for over a dozen years. We have a little showroom at our client's disposal, where we have installed demonstration products: including: loft-style cubical, loft sliding doors and loft glass partitions with loft-style hinged doors. It's worth seeing it up close and seeing that we know something about the loft style.

Passion and experience

We provide measurement and assembly service. We work quickly and efficiently. We combine passion with professionalism. Because our product is tailor-made, we always have to be flexible in the pricing and selection of materials, and this means continuous improvement. Loft doors have no secrets for us!

How long is the order completion date for doors?

We usually arrange a measurement within a few days. Then we need about 3-4 weeks to produce the glass (cutting the pane, grinding, making holes, hardening) and preparing the accessories (handles, latches, hinges, seals, etc.). After this time, we start installation, being in constant contact with the client.

Typical loft glass partitions

How to care for loft doors and partitions?

Ongoing maintenance works for any device. It is no different with loft doors.

What to pay special attention to?

It is very important to prevent the profiles and glass from getting very dirty. Let us remember that ubiquitous dust will penetrate between the bars and the glass, which, together with moisture, can effectively dirty the glass and black accessories. Therefore, let's make sure that these elements are washed often. We only clean the glass with glass cleaners and wipe the profiles with a damp microfiber cloth.

ATTENTION!Do not use any sharp sponges or abrasives. Glass and metal accessories can be easily scratched this way.

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Sliding loft doors

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Show-room designed in loft style

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